16 thoughts on “Monday 7 March

  1. Great workout morning crew! Thanks Ken for the push at the end burnout session! Worked with 135# Bench and 95# for Power Clean, I feel like I could have done more on the Bench, but didn’t know where I was at. I’m working on the Power Clean technique so it was good that I started at 95#. My burnout session was with 115#.

  2. 185 on bench press (failed on last two rounds)

    175 on power clean (never failed)

    Enjoyed working with Joe on this one. He killed me on bench press.

  3. 90lb on Bench Press and 90lbs on Power Clean. Thanks Brittany for working out with me! Also a big thanks to Jeff for the help on the college boy rolls!

    Everyone did really well on this workout. I think it allowed people to really focus on technique. Great job to Story and Mel on this one!

  4. Great 6:30 class tonight. Enjoyed seeing everyone work on strength and get the heart rate up at the same time.

    My WOD was 12 sets of 2 reps of high bar back squat @ 225. Very surprised that moving to a high bar back squat makes squatting completely comfortable for my shoulder (clavicle).

    Congrats to Craig L for his first MU, Lisa for multiple MUs in a short time, and Katie for her first college boy roll!

  5. 90 BP and 105 PC

    Had fun working with Christina on BP! In hindsight, I probably should have gone a little heavier in both movements. Great 6:30 class!

  6. BP 70 and PC 100 could have gone heavier on both movements. Also after much coaching I finally suceeded at a college boy roll! Also thanks for partnering with me Tesha!

      1. Lori, the cue that worked for Katie was “push your heels towards the ceiling.” It made her turn off the pulling and focus on extending her hips and rotating around the bar. We found last night that it’s much less about pulling and more about using momentum to push you hips up and then knees back over the bar.

  7. 85 BP (100 1RM) and 95 PC (130 1RM)
    Somehow Patrick came up with 95 as being 85% of 130. Must be he didn’t hear “130” correctly. Either way, I didn’t recalculate and should have done 110. I thought it felt too easy. I got 3 muscle ups in a row (not linked) following the WOD though! Woo-hoo!!!

  8. 210 on BP.
    115 for the 1st two rounds on power clean and 135 for the rest. Definitely should go higher next time on power cleans, but I wanted to make sure I got the movement correct.

  9. 160 (PC) and 165 (BP). Didn’t have a good handle on a 1RM, so I think I went a little too light on BP. PC’s got tough down the stretch while trying to keep form. Fun workout!

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