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  1. Competitors: Don’t forget to submit your times from Saturday. I think we have a few team members who have not submitted yet. If the deadline wasn’t extended due to the CrossFit Games Website SNAFU of 2011 then you would have been late (deadline is normally Sunday at 7 PM) and the submission not accepted by the Games website. However, you also may be trying your hardest and the Games website is fouled up. Whichever is the case, report your score as soon as possible after you finish. We’ve even got internet access at CFI for you to do it on site.

    Athletes who thought about competing but had a schedule conflict, were unsure, etc. You can now still jump right in and start competing with us. I challenge you to find anyone who competed on Saturday that didn’t have a great time and consider him/herself better for it. Seeing yourself ranked in real time next to 1000 people in the southeast and 20,000 people in the world is very cool. Nobody expects you to win. Just do it like any other WOD and see how things turn out. I promise you won’t regret it.

    1. Thanks Jeff! The only reason why I haven’t posted yet was because I was hoping to improve my score since they have extended the deadline. Or do I still need to put in my score from Saturday?

      1. You can submit and have verified as many scores as you want. As buggy as their site has been, I would go ahead and buy some insurance by submitting any legit score and just submit again if I improved on it.

  2. 53:04. It was getting hot running at lunchtime. Did still manage to have about a 30 second negative split on the second 5k though.

    However, I was disappointed that such a great affiliate of Crossfit Impulse had no cowbell for the bell lap.

  3. For those that are practicing DU, Scott passed along a great 10 minute drill to do everyday:

    1 min Singles (practice form and speed)
    30s rest
    30s Running Man (alternate legs while jummping rope)
    30s rest
    30s Running Man
    30s rest
    30s front and rear split (this will help with DU timing)
    30s rest
    30s side to side (again this will help with DU timing)
    30s rest
    30s DU (if not DU, then single, but try to get DU)
    30s rest
    1min DU(if not DU, then single, but try to get DU)
    30s rest
    1min DU (try for max reps)

    I have been doing this the past 2 days and I can tell a big improvement on my DU.

  4. 52:48 Rx’d

    My 5K split was 25:31. My last 5K at CFI was 24:50 on 5/1/10 so it has been a while. I’ve never done a 10K so I don’t have anything to compare to.

  5. I made up yesterday’s WOD. My time was 8:26 Rx’d. Thanks to Michael and Patrick for the push and Zan for cheering us on!

  6. Congrats to everyone who did the 10k today, many of you for the first time. I like it when athletes see something difficult and instead of shying away they say, “You know, I’m gonna punch that WOD in the face.” I also had some warriors inside the gym working yesterday’s WOD and strength work. Melissa W. crushed her AMRAP set with 7 hard earned back squats.

    1. also thanks to Christina, Zan, and Melissa for the push. Thanks Christina for also reminding me to use proper from coming down the rope.

    2. Sick time man. Nice job. I think Andrew Mann is the closest time after that at 7:07. Everyone else has been 8:30+.

  7. 9:07 75#

    I joined the lunch class today and attempted yesterday’s WOD…again. Reduced FS load, worked at about 75% capacity and rested a little more than usual since I’ve been getting pounding headaches during WODs the past few days. Awesome job Davy for killing that 10k!!

  8. 56:43 Rx’d

    I’ve been wanting to try a 10K for the last couple of months so this came at a good time. But I’m leaving tomorrow to head up to Massachusetts for a few days so I probably won’t be in the box the rest of the week. I may try to work out with an affiliate up there if I get a chance.

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