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  1. I enjoyed coaching the morning crew this morning. It was nice having Scott drop in with us! As usual, everyone worked hard.

  2. ATTN: All who think 1 rep isn’t that big a difference.

    For kicks I looked at my ranking vs. overall competition, for the CF Games week 1 workout. During last Saturday’s workout, I completed 6 rounds + 8 Double Unders (278 total reps).

    Right now, I’m tied for a rank of 2060 out of ~9100 registered male competitors for the first WOD.

    If I had completed all 30 DU for round 7, I would be tied for a rank of 1548. That’s an average of ~23.27 positions PER double under!

    Completing round 7 would put my rank at 664 overall. So in round 7 you can earn ~58.9 positions per Snatch!

    In comparison, completing round 8 would tie you for a rank of 93rd position, while completing round 9 would tie you for a rank of 7th.

    Do I want to re-do week 1 workout? Oh, yeah!

  3. Awesome Post alex! Im pumped to give it another try. Jeff will you guys be doing this again Saturday as if it were a normally scheduled open sectional WOD?

    1. Several of us are planning on redoing this WOD on Friday.

      I’ve talked to David about it, and he would be available for either the 5:15 or 6:30 class on Friday.

      I would be willing/available for either of those times, or after regular classes on Friday evening.

  4. 18:56 rx’d (PR by 3:45)

    Tried to pace off of David during the burpees since he is good at them. Was as 60 when he moved on to situps. Once I got to situps, things started to slow down for me. Made up a little time on swings though. Towards the end, my pullups were coming at 5 at a time. Once I got to HSPU’s, was able to get the first 15 five at a time, them had to break them up in to triples and doubles for the last half.

    David, Alex V. and Patrick all pushed me at different times during this wod. Thanks guys! Enjoyed it!

  5. 22:42 Rx’d

    Finished pullups with 13 min on the clock and took me nearly 10 to get those 30 HSPUs. A slight headache again but overall felt much better today. Nice to see some new faces. Awesome 5:15 class!

  6. 19:38 Rx. Hand Stand Push Ups handed me my ass tonight and they are usually a strength of mine. It was one rep at a time after #15. I’ve really got to work on my “resting posture”, thanks Jeff.

  7. 19:38 Rx. Hand Stand Push Ups handed me my ass tonight and they are usually a strength of mine. It was one rep at a time after #15. I’ve really got to work on my “resting posture”, thanks Jeff.

  8. Evening classes worked their asses off. In particular, Mandy fought through this one prescribed and turned in an impressive time to boot. I enjoyed the Indian run. Next time I think 2 med balls and 2 kettlebells are in order. 🙂

  9. 15:55 Rx’d (PR)

    I had a lot of fun working out with Daniel and Alex V. next to me! They both kept me moving. At one point, I dropped the kettlebell and I heard a stern voice behind me say, “pick that up!”. It was Alex getting on me while he’s still swinging the kettlebell! Thanks for the push guys! I also enjoy working out with the class like that.

    It was good seeing all the new faces yesterday! I am excited about having some new athletes in our gym.

    1. As Alex says, “In the CrossFit Open every time you drop the kettlebell 60 people pass you.” Good mindset. 🙂

  10. 23:56 rx’d. HSPU got my goat on this one..took me about 10 minutes to do them as singles. While I was about 2 minutes slower than last time, I’d say my HSPU’s were about 95% legit, as opposed to maybe less than 50% last time, so I’d mark that as progress made.

  11. 20:25 Rx. Paced myself early on so I wouldn’t be dead when I got to HSPU and I think that worked. I made up a lot of time there.

  12. 25:30 rx’d (kipping HSPU). Glad I went rx’d and pushed through on this one! Thank you to Jeff, Mike, Jason for the push and especially to Katie for yelling at me to pick up the kettlebell and to get away from the chalk bucket!

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