11 thoughts on “Wednesday 23 March

  1. ATTN: All GA Tough Mudders

    This is the last day to use your $20 off coupon! Craig R., Mandy and I are signing up for the Tampa TM race on Saturday December 3rd.

    1. Sorry to use CFI’s board as a means of getting the word around. But since we did a CFI team for the GA event, I figured most of the interested parties would see the information here.

  2. Hope you screw together well Jeff!!!! Great 1130 class. Great to see Luke again after the Mudder. 12:20 Rx. Hands SHREDDED!!! My fault for taking so much time off from crossfit. Looking to do the CF Open WOD on Thursday or Friday. Is anyone else going then?

  3. 16:41 RX, Did this one at the 6:30 class after I redid my open WOD at the 4 o clock class. Thank you to all who yelled at me, it was rough! First time using a 14lb ball!

  4. 8:41 rx’d. Probably could have pushed the first couple rounds a little more. Can’t wait to do more wallballs tomorrow.

  5. 14:11 Rx’d (mostly)

    ~80% capacity, switching between 20″, 22″ and 24″ box jumps…whichever I felt like doing at the moment. Saving some energy for Open Wod #1 redo on Friday…bring it!

  6. I had a great time coaching both the 4:00 and 5:15 classes today. It was nice having three visitors during our 4:00. We had Scott and Laura from CrossFit North Indy. Scott set the bar high for the workout finishing in the seven minute range! It was good to have Scott from Iowa back for his second WOD with us.

    Kudos to Katie for getting 4 rounds on the Open 11.1 WOD!

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