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  1. To alleviate any confusion, there is no competition event tomorrow. Due to technical problems with the CrossFit Games website, they extended the deadline for WOD 11.1 until this Sunday and are not announcing the next WOD until this Tuesday March 29th. However, we will not be repeating WOD 11.1 competition style. You are welcome to link up with a judge during a normal class and repeat it to submit a better score, but we didn’t think another competitive event on Saturday would make sense or receive a lot of participation.

    So tomorrow will be a normal WOD. Next Saturday, April 2nd, competition Saturdays resume. Hit us up with questions.

  2. Several of us are doing the Open 11.1 again tonight at 6:30 if anyone else is interested in joining.

  3. Did some judging at the open gym today. Great job Melissa J., Lil C, Sarah W., and Zan!! You guys all did awesome today. I did Annie since I have linked double unders now. My time was 9:03 which is like a 4 minute PR so I was pretty happy with that. Just need to work on faster sit ups! Good luck to all who are repeating the open WOD #1 tonight!

  4. I did WOD 11.1 again today. I did worse today than last week. Thanks davey for judging me. Then Christina suggested I do “Randy” 6:46. I was suprised and proud. Last attempt at “Randy” was 12-22-10. 41# 9:06. So this was a huge PR for me.

  5. Did the Open 11.1 again. Scored 6 rounds plus 8 DUs. That is a 14 rep improvement from last time.

    Kudos to Patrick for taking 1st place within our box with 6 plus 31 reps!

    1. Awesome job! If only you’d known you needed 1 more rep to beat me, I bet you would have found the energy to speed up that rope! 🙂

    2. Thanks for all the props. Besides a solid judging, Alex stayed on my ass to keep at it. Thanks for the extra push man!

  6. I hear there were some serious PRs today on WOD 11.1. Stoked to see Patrick pass Hudson and I to take first. That’s truly awesome!

    Also want to congratulate Christina for improving her 11.1 score, and for improving her Annie time from DNF in 20 minutes one month ago to 2nd place on the leaderboard at 7 minutes and change. She has been working diligently on her weaknesses and it is paying off.

  7. Second try at wod 11.1 earned me 3 more reps. I got 5 plus 39 reps.

    David and Patrick killed it tonight. Was fun to watch. Thanks for judging me tonight David. Alex, sorry my jump rope screwed you over.

  8. I did the 11.1 WOD and ended up with 5rnds +28 reps, and not even feeling fatigued. I used a new rope, and it cost me a lot of time.

    So, since I was frustrated and not very fatigued I did today’s WOD.

    I started Rx, but after 9+ min and only 14 OHS at 135 I scaled down to 115 and finished the WOD around 16min.

  9. 12:40 (205/95) Just when I thought I couldn’t hurt any worse during a WOD, the sun rises on another day at CFI. I am beginning to welcome the pain now, kinda makes me smile when it hits.

  10. Open WOD 11.1: Take 2
    5 rounds and 17 reps

    I rested a little more but I didn’t break as many times during DUs. I think if I had just pushed a little harder I could have gotten those 6 rounds I wanted. Thanks Hudson for judging!!

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