Sunday 26 March

Ground to Overhead

Team WOD  by Jeff

Partner WOD
For time:
100 pushups
150 walking lunges
200 situps
250 squats

Each team will perform the WOD while in possession of a team
kettlebell (1.5 pd for male teams, 1.0 pd for female teams). The only
rule is that the kettlebell may not touch the ground and must be
supported by the body of a team member(s) at all times. Both partners
may work at once, and each rep that each partner performs counts
towards the total required to move on, but the kettlebell can’t touch
the ground. If kettlebell touches the ground, no matter how slight,
both partners must stop, put the kettlebell down, and execute 5
burpees. They then pick up the kettlebell and continue the WOD. No

If a team of three is need the following reps will be done of each movement: 150 pushups, 225 walking lunges, 300 situps, 375 squats.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 26 March

  1. 18:36 scaled (see below).

    We’re visiting Alex’s brother and sister in LA this week. I teamed up with Danae for this one. We didn’t have a kettlebell and didn’t have anything to sub in for them, so we scaled by allowing only one person to work at a time.

    Danae says hi!

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