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  1. I will be in the field this weekend and therefore won’t be able to make it to the Open on Sat. Is there anyone that would be willing to judge 11.3 for me on Wed. after the 4:00 class?

  2. Push press 5×5: 95-105-110-115(x)-115(PR)
    Annie: 6:31(PR)

    I had a really good time at CFI tonight. 115 was my old 1RM and I was able to get it overhead 5 times…eventually. My old Annie time was 8:10. Jeff is right, the double unders seemed to just click for me tonight after doing 10,000 of them last week!

  3. 75-85-100-110-120(2)

    Great class at CFI despite the nasty weather! Previous 1RM was 115 so I was happy to get 120 two times even though I failed on the third. Congrats Christina, Zan, Jordan and Lindsay for pushing out 5 reps of their previous 1RM! Awesome job ladies!

  4. Had a great time working out with 5:15 and then coaching 6:30. Big Greg put up 210 x 5, and then after her strength WOD Jordan took #1 on the Annie leaderboard with 6:31. I think the fortnight of 10,000 double unders paid off. John also made some great progress on his overhead position.

    I did shoulder press 55-65-65-65-65 followed by 4×15 hip extensions and GHD situps. Looking forward to Michael tomorrow, a WOD I can still do prescribed and compete with everyone.

  5. Enjoyed working out with the girls yesterday! 75-85-95-100(2)-100(2)
    Was able to get my previous 1 RM five times!

    On the coaching side of things I have seen a lot of improvements across the board on peoples form! It is really great to see so many people setting personal records. Great job to all of you!

  6. 5×5: 135-155-175-185-195(5×5 PR, old 3RM)

    Great class last night, excited to finally be able to compete this weekend, now I am just hoping the workout isn’t something horrid.

  7. 55-75-85-90X- 5x. I’m excited to see that I’m right where I was before shoulder surgery last year. I pushed and failed at 90; whereas my fail last year was 85.

    Awesome job Christina and Brittany! You ladies are very much my inspiration.

    Personally, I think the ladies at CFI are forces to be reckon with.

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