19 thoughts on “Tuesday 5 April

    1. I posted the pic last night, and I just had to use Google to find out who Michael Buble is, so it was just coincidence. However, I agree there is a striking resemblance. I wonder if Michael Buble climbs the rope wrong too? 🙂

  1. Attempted 800m, 35 hip ext, and 35 situps DNF. I finished with the last 800m run. Next time Michael comes up I will…*in my Mortal Kombat voice*…”FINISH HIM!” 😀 Thanks for the cheers y’all and a special thanks to Jeff for running the last leg of the 800m with me 🙂

  2. 21:48 Rx. The run didnt hurt as bad tonight as I thought it would. However, I did manage to create a most impressive rooster tail of sweat coming off the GHD while doing hip extensions.

  3. I forgot how much this one tested your lung capacity! A big thanks to Patrick for the push the entire workout. I wouldn’t have gone unbroken the 3 round without someone to compete against. 19:01 Rx, 2+ min PR from September.

  4. 23:04 subbing row for the run

    The 6:30 class really worked hard on this one. It was fun watching Jeff and Tyler go at it the entire workout! Kudos to Rosie for her hard work tonight!

  5. Had a great time coaching 5:15 tonight. Justin and Patrick were fun to watch and ended up separated by only 1 second! Tesha showed a lot of heart doing 800m intervals.

    I worked out with 6:30 and got 19:07 (PR by 2:41). Chased Tyler the whole time and Ryan the first round. Would never have pushed the runs that hard otherwise. Thanks guys!

  6. 18:45 Rx’d
    PR by about 2 minutes

    Big thanks to Jeff and Ryan, definitely would not have put up a time even near this without their push, especially on those runs.

    Jordan…pay up.

  7. Michael Buble looks like Clint and Matt Dillon had a love child. Eew. Hey neighbor!

  8. 22:57 Rx’d (in Vibrams!).

    Goal was sub-25 minutes, so I’m happy. Second WOD running in Vibrams; felt pretty good while I was running, but my calves are still killing me today! Thank you Katie for the push throughout, and to everyone for the push at the end!

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