Saturday 9 April


Competition today! No regular 9:00 AM class.

CrossFit Games Open 11.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
165 pound Squat clean
165 pound Jerk

Kevin Lowe 31 rounds (62 reps), Ryan Brown 15.5 rounds (31 reps), Jordan Pepe 15.5 rounds (31 reps), Lisa Fink 11.5 rounds (23 reps)

“…as complexity increases, so do the odds of something unanticipated going wrong. This is the driving characteristic of complexity that is most important for finance and economics: complexity generates surprises, unanticipated risk. “Unanticipated” is the key word: it is not simply that more complexity means more risk — we can create risk by walking on a high wire or playing roulette. Rather, it is that complexity increases risk of the “unknown unknowns” variety. And the risks that really hurt us are these risks, the ones that catch us unaware, the ones we cannot anticipate, monitor or arm ourselves against.” –Rick Bookstaber on human complexity

Submit your results as part of the CrossFit Games Open.

7 thoughts on “Saturday 9 April

  1. I am so glad I finally got to compete with everyone. Everyone did so awesome this morning. Really hard work and I am proud of everyone! Thanks Melissa for the Hello Kitty sticker (: Great job!

  2. 15 rounds (30 reps). I am happy with my performance today. I only did 8 in the practice on Wednesday and felt like I could get 2-4 more than that. Great job everyone today. Everyone put their heart into this one even if it was close to or more than their 1RM.

  3. awesome competition yesterday, everybody did awesome.

    20 rounds 40 reps rx’d.
    Tried to stay with Greg but just couldn’t in the end.

  4. I’m disappointed I didn’t get a squat clean at prescribed weight this weekend, but I’m happy to know where I am and what I need to do to get it next time.

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