15 thoughts on “Sunday 10 April

  1. 1600m – 7:??
    1200m – 5:54
    800m – 3:58
    400m – 1:41
    I did this WOD after the 11.3 Open today. It actually felt really good even in Vibrams. Good job everyone. It was hot.

  2. What an amazing class!!! Still didn’t manage a single squat clean, but was totally blown away by all the support. Love my CFI family :D…Thanks Guys!!

  3. Did 11.3 again today. A HUGE thank you to all of you that helped me overcome my biggest challenge. I am going to admit that I am MENTAL!! I couldn’t do the WOD under pressure, so my great and awesome trainer (David) let me do the WOD without knowing that a clock was running. I was able to do 4 rounds plus 1 more squat clean. I have got to overcome the mental breakdown that comes about when someone shouts 3-2-1 go!!

    Thanks to all of you that supported me today! Love you all!!

  4. Wow, what a great afternoon at CFI! We had 23 athletes in the box. It was pretty crazy. Kudos to Justin for his PR in the 1st interval of the running workout!

    Several people came in today to give the Open 11.3 another shot. The determination of our athletes is incredible. Especially, the female athletes that never successfully competed a squat clean. They never gave up and kept going back for more. Congrats to the ladies that kept fighting the barbell and won! Kudos to everyone who came back and bettered their score for 11.3 as well!

    I would like to thank Ginga for being a huge help doing the class. She took the lead on conducting the Open 11.3 for the athletes there to make it up. Thanks again, Ginga!

  5. 25:43
    800m/800m/800m/200m with 3 minutes rest between each run. This is a mix between silver and bronze I think. I pushed for the extra 800m to see if I could do another long lap without walking. Victory favors the bold. It was really ducking hot out there today!

  6. I second that melissa! 21:38 Rx. 40 sec PR. Couldn’t get Alex off my heels. Thanks for the push.

  7. 21:44. I was chasing Justin the whole time, just could not quite catch him. Thanks for setting the great pace. Splits were 6:12, 4:56, 3:14, 1:22

  8. Did 11.3 again today and got 18+1. Not quit the 20 I was trying for but every rep helps! Everyone did a great job today. Thanks Ginga for another awesome Yoga class. I really needed it.

  9. I did 11.3 again. This time I completed 10 rounds. Frustrating, because my legs should be much stronger than this by now, but I will take what I can get. Thanks for all the encouragement during the wod!

  10. I did 11.3 for the first time Sunday. I just wanted to say thank you to those who came and competed, then judged and encouraged. I really want to thank Ginga who coordinated the heats and took the lead on ensuring that everyone had a chance to warm-up and perform the workout in an organized manner. I had fun yesterday and enjoyed seeing so many people attempt this difficult workout and give everything they had. I managed 17 rounds.

  11. Tried CF Open WOD 11.3 again, and didn’t get a rep on this attempt either. I’m disappointed about that, but happy that I did make some progress and the I know what I need to do to get there. Congrats to everyone who fought through this one again and did better than the first!

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