20 thoughts on “Tuesday 12 April

    1. Solid work, man. You never really stopped for very much rest. Just kept grinding them out.

  1. I had a great time watching the race between Jeff and Tyler while coaching the 6:30 class. Kudos to Mike for grinding through this one and Brittany for hanging with Jeff and Tyler!

  2. 5:37 with a 12″ box as my target on GHD situps

    Thanks to Jeff, Daniel, and Tyler for staying late to push me through this one! That means a lot to me and made me work harder.

  3. 7:08 thanks to Angela A. for coaching me through this one! Had a great time doing this wod at 5:15 and coaching the morning and 4:00PM today! This was a really good wod!

  4. Had fun taking a big 5:15 class into the parking lot to do this one. Very impressive effort from everyone, especially Angela who blazed through her scaled version as fast as humanly possible.

    My time during the 6:30 class was 6:02 Rx’d. Tyler pushed me to stay fast on the squats. That’s really what this one is about: the will to continue squatting with jello legs.

    1. Flexibility. Maybe i shouldn’t rely on spell checker so much at work.

  5. 7:10 rx’d (actual rx’d cough cough brittany)

    Thanks for pushing me everyone at 6:30, this was a painful one. David killed it after the 6:30 class, awesome job man.

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