Wednesday 13 April

Melissa GHD situpModified CrossFit Games Open 11.4

3 rounds for time:

20 Bar facing burpees

10 Overhead squat (m: 120/ f: 90)

3 Muscle-ups

Post times to comments.

Update on the Open: Week 3.

WOD Demo with Cherie Chan – video [wmv] [mov]

If you plan to compete as an athlete, volunteer as a judge or volunteer to help in general, please register here.  This will allow the CFI staff to plan for Saturday’s CrossFit Games Open 11.4 event.  Judges will need to attend one of the judges meetings tonight at 7:30 or Thursday night at 7:30.

11 thoughts on “Wednesday 13 April

  1. Thanks Jeff for pushing me out of my comfort zone and for your coaching. You are spot on. It was great having Britney(sp?) this morning as well. What a great class today!
    Gold 2 rounds + 26 reps before cutoff.

  2. Great class this morning. Ken made some great progress on OHS. Congrats to Melissa for being the lone finisher under the time cap.

  3. It was awesome to see Brit rock it this morning! Thad was a OHS machine:)… Great job everyone!

    Silver- 20:34

    Thanks Jeff for the OHS advice.

  4. Enjoyed working out in the 6:30 class. I came up with a version to stay off my shoulder so as not to prematurely rip any screws from bone. I did the WOD rep scheme but used only my left arm for burpees and OHS. I cut the weight in half for OHS and used a 60 lb barbell. BTW, 1-arm barbell OHS is a som-bitch. Traded 10 false grip ring rows for the MU. Not a fair trade there, but I’ve got to be conservative on that. Time was 16:51. Enjoyed and appreciated the extra push from so many folks in the class. Sometimes I held onto the bar a little longer because of it.

  5. 17:02 Rxd. I had to go back and do 5 more reps of the OHS at the end. I got lost in the reps on the final round, once again, and realized it only after I had rolled around on the floor in pain for at least a minute after what I thought was the end of my WOD. I hate when I do that. All in all, I felt pretty good. Muscle-Ups were surprisingly easy tonight. I even linked a few. Sorry for the run-on sentence. Im an engineer, not an English major.

  6. 13:04 Rx

    My goal for 11.4 is to make it to the MU’s and knock out a few. I guess my goal is really to do 1 round of this AMRAP.

    Followed the 5:15 class with 5/3/1 Back Squat, Bench Press and Shoulder Press.

  7. 15:18 gold/silver.

    -20 BF burpees
    -10 OHS @ 55 (wasn’t feeling the OHS yesterday)
    -3 low ring MU transitions (I accidentally used the Rx’d rep scheme and didn’t realize it until well after the workout was over.)

    Thanks Brittany for yelling at me!

    Did Wendler 5/3/1 bench press and deadlift after class. Wound up with 10@65 on bench and 3@140 on the DL. That puts my theoretical 1RMs at 86 and 153, respectively (current 1RMs are 85 and 180). Happy about the bench; not happy about the DL, but I think I was just tired at that point.

    Then went to karate for fight night!

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