18 thoughts on “Thursday 14 April

  1. Huh…that’s funny. I actually selected this workout for myself on Monday. It took me 16 minutes and I got a lot of strange looks! Had hoped to do yesterday’s WOD, but my legs were still toast from all of those lunges!

  2. Hey CrossFit family! Kristin and I are looking for judges to do 11.4 on Friday(tomorrow). We can come to the lunch class or shortly afterwards during open gym if someone is available. Thanks in advance!

    1. I will be at open gym around 12:30 but I have to be back at work by 2 so I if I judge then I will need to leave CFI no later than 1:45. If this time is good for ya’ll I am available to judge.

      1. Katie/ Michelle – Michael and I will be at the gym around noon today so if either of you are available to judge around 12:30, that would be awesome! Thanks so much!

      2. Scratch that idea girls! It looks like there is a tornado warning headed our way and I don’t think we want to get out right in the middle of it. We’ll probably have to try to do this on Sunday sometime before Yoga class. I appreciate your offer to help…if you’re available Sunday please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Michelle, thanks for offering to judge us! Its totally up to you when you want to come so let us know the time and we will be there. Our only constraint is we have to be finished before 2. And sorry for not responding before now. Our internet is out at home and I’ve been having trouble publishing this with my iphone. Thanks again!

  3. Bill and I did this one at home, I’m sure our neighbors were thinking “what in the world are they doing!!??”
    ME: 12:28
    BILL: 10:58

  4. did lil nance 10:45 rx’d 70% effort.

    saturday is going to be interesting.

  5. Did Little Nancy w/ 55/35#. Dropped to 35 about halfway through to work on OHS technique. Didn’t pay attention to time and just took it easy.

    Thank you Katie for pointing out faults in my OHS technique and Jeff for correcting them!

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