8 thoughts on “Thursday 21 April

  1. Great morning this morning! Pam and I are both so close to a dead hang now. This WOD helped with that by breaking it down in to sets of 3. Thad did a great job unassisted on dead hangs. Thanks Hudson!

    Hey will there by chance be anyone around that can judge during open gym on Friday? I will be happy to return the favor as well.

  2. I’ll be there to hang out and judge anyone that needs a judge on Friday during open gym.

  3. All, if you plan to compete on Saturday, please don’t forget to register. We’ve only got 12 athletes signed up right now, which tells me we’re a little low. Remember, whenever you forget to register by the deadline, God kills a kitten. You don’t want that on your conscience.

  4. Went to the lunch class and saw lots of PR’s, which is awesome! I did myself with 3 consecutive dead hangs. Each round I was only able to do less and less, but overall I am pleased!

    3-2-2-2-1 dead hang no weight pull-ups

  5. I enjoyed working out with everyone during the 4:00 class today.

    Today I did the weighted pull-ups as follows: 26 lbs w/ a kettle bell, 30 lbs w/ a weight belt, 40 lbs w/ vest and chain, 45 lbs w/ vest, and finished with 50 lbs in the vest. I practiced some butterfly pull-ups afterwards also.

    I PR’d by 20 lbs on my 1 rep max for deadhang pullups with 30 lbs, and PR’d by 30 lbs on kipping pullups by getting to 50 lbs. All in all a really good day and I’m definitely enjoying doing some of these movements that I haven’t done in a few months and seeing how much I’ve improved. I also enjoyed the friendly competition with Gary and Billy.

  6. 50-50-60-75-85(1) Rxd.
    Im pretty sure any of those weights could have been my previous 1 rep max so I was really surprised. Afterwards, I did the Baseline WOD:

    Row 500m
    40 Squats
    30 Sit-ups
    20 Push-ups
    10 Pull-ups
    Thanks to Ryan for pushing me.

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