10 thoughts on “Monday 25 April

  1. Nice big fundamentals group!! Yay!!

    We had a great class this Monday morning and I’m sure grateful I didn’t stay in bed instead. Welcome to Kristen(sp?) this .

  2. Thanks Michelle! Definitely a great class this morning and what an intense way to start out Crossfit. Thanks for the warm welcome. I will never come in anticipating an “easy” workout again.

  3. 6-6-10-12=34 Rx’d.

    Had 8 on the push ups until the last two rounds and then struggled to get 6! Should have pushed myself harder on sit ups and squats.

  4. There’s a few things in CrossFit and physical training in general that get me really juiced. One is watching an athlete hit the point where they consider giving up, yet they decide to push through, endure the mental and physical agony, and finish a lift. The decision happens in microseconds, and you have to really be observing closely to notice, but it’s plain as day when it happens. I got to observe that tonight when Maurice hit his third rep of heavy front squat. He simply refused to quit. And then he went back for a 4th! Warrior!

    I did a Tabata Something Else style WOD with the following movements:
    24″ box jumps (11)
    walking lunges (12)
    GHD situps (8)
    hip extensions (16)
    total: 47

    While this may sound odd, I was trying to stay ahead of Katie most of the time, since she was doing a similar WOD. I only edged her out by 1 rep on the total!

  5. Ring rows – 10
    Pushups – 5
    Situps – 12
    Squats – 14

    Total =41

    Took it easy today due to a ribcage injury of some sort. Felt good to workout again for the first time in about a week of resting it.

    Morning class was a blast today as well. Coaching and watching people kill the wod is always a great way to start the day. You guys are nuts! Haha

  6. Tabata Style WOD with the following movements:
    Box Jumps 20″-9
    Walking Lunges-10
    Squats(4 round)-14

    Doing the competition WOD before Saturday, so trying to save everything for that.

  7. Did a leisurely 3k row to alleviate some stiffness and soreness from WOD 11.5.

  8. 9-6-12-13=40

    The Pushups killed me. I started at 10 then went down hill quickly, should have tried for 8 from the start. Then I took too conservative an approach on the situps and squats, probably could have gotten 1 or 2 more on each of them. No rest in between movements was brutal.

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