23 thoughts on “Tuesday 26 April

  1. Nice job by everyone this morning! Lots of PR’s going around. Thanks Christina for the reminder that somedays are just not meant for PR’s. πŸ™‚

  2. 275-315-335(PR)-345(PR)-355(PR)-365(PR)-315
    Great working out with ya, Tim. I definitely pushed myself harder than I would have otherwise.

  3. 275(5), 315(3), 350(4), 370(3)

    I have some kind of a mental block trying to hit new 1rep PRs so I’m trying to increase my 3X and 5X PRs.

    Really enjoyed watching all the new PRs at the lunch class. Nathan, Ryan, Tim, Gean, Thad, and Kelsey all PRd by huge amounts. Tim destroyed his old PR by almost 100lbs!

  4. Had a great time at the 4pm class today. Thanks for all of the encouragement!


    1. Thanks David! I had a great time…can’t wait until I get a little more self-sufficient and I don’t have to bug you with every little thing!!

  5. Always a good time working with Clint. Really happy with a 15# PR to 285. Couldn’t quite match his 290. Next time!

  6. Lunch class was awesome today! 155-175-195-215-225-230-235. My old PR was 200 so I was pretty happy with 235. Wasn’t sure I would get it, thanks for the extra push Hudson!

    1. Awesome Job Melissa and Kristin! Thank the lords Melissa keep adding my weight for me:) Thanks Jeff for the help!

      165-175-185-190-200-205(PR) I’m glad that I’m back to the same strength before my surgery:)

  7. Wasn’t going for PR but after David pointed out I was doing 405 not 365, I decided to keep going.
    405-425-435-445-460-475(PR 20lbs)

  8. Did Fran Tuesday at whatever crazy elevation I’m at in the middle of the desert in Utah. The elevation change really got to me – no oxygen! Finished in 8:??.

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