Thursday 12 May

Tom pullups

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
7 Muscle-ups

Kristan Clever 7 rounds, Kevin Montoya 7 rounds, Jake Cutting 6 rounds + 6 MU, Rebecca Voigt 5 rounds, Philip Lamborn (age 17) 5 rounds.

Post rounds completed to comments.

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6 thoughts on “Thursday 12 May

  1. My left foot was out of order for the day so I took on rowing instead of running. I completed 4 rounds plus a 75 meter row on bronze…I am getting stronger and seeing results in only 3 weeks! Now starts Day 1 of actually eating zone/paleo. Apparently 75% paleo 25% cheat does not mean that you can cheat 25% of the day and eat unlimited food.

  2. Great class this morning. Jesse really smoked this one. Kristen, you’re already making incredible progress. Stay as focused as you are today and you’ll achieve things you never thought possible.

  3. Reverse lunges with weighted barbell in high bar back squat position

    Reps are for each leg, so that’s actually a lot of movement per set. This was killer on the glutes and low-mid back. Added a great challenge for balance and stabilization too. Turns out I’m weaker with my right foot forward. I see this coming to a rest day near you.

  4. 5 rounds rx’d

    Thanks for the encouragement from everyone today! Everyone pushed it hard in both late classes. Mandy fought hard solo in the 6:30. Enjoyed working with everyone today!

  5. 4 rounds gold. I subbed 12 false grip ring rows with turnout at the bottom (thanks Christina for that suggestion!) and 12 blue band assisted ring dips per round. After finishing round 4 I had about 45 seconds left on the clock. I skipped running and chose to do more ring rows instead. I was able to get 8 before the clock ran out. Those were rough without having the running “break.”

    The ring rows got tiring very quickly. I can tell I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me before I get a muscle up, but I’m making progress! Running sucked more than usual for some reason, but a big thanks to my personal trainer (Daniel) for running with me–you made it slightly less sucky.

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