17 thoughts on “Friday 13 May

  1. Crazy good way to start the day at CFI! Thanks Christina!!
    Every one did awesome this morning.
    SP 75# PR by 5#, BS 165# PR by 5#, DL 220# PR by 10# CF TOTAL 460.

  2. 795.
    165# Shoulder press(PR by 20#)
    275# Back squat(PR by 30#)
    355# Deadlift(same PR)

    Really wanted to break 800 and probably could have squeezed another 5 lbs from my Back squat but ran out of time. All in all i am seeing big PR gains lately on strength days.

    1. Tim, I’ve noticed you performing better than usual for about the past 4-6 weeks. Did you change something?

      1. The only thing I can really point to is I’ve been getting better quality sleep lately. Less waking up 2-3 times a night or 4-5 hours of sleep type of nights. I’m sure its paying dividends as far as my bodies recovery and growth go

  3. Did this on my own at open gym. For me, it helps me a lot more mentally when there are people there with you pushing you. Working out just me, little harder, but my total was more than the first time I did it.
    SP-82 (PR by 2#)
    BS-135 (less than last time)
    DL-201 (PR by 1#)
    TOTAL-418 (8 more than last time) 🙂

    P.S. *I love the fraction weights!

  4. My favorite idiotic comment someone posted on the article about fidgeting for your health was this:

    10 Ways to Fidget in the Kitchen

    1) Use a whisk to whisk eggs whites

    2) Whip your cream with that same whisk

    3) Switch to cast iron pans

    4) Chop vegetables by hand

    5) Do a few bicup curls with your bag of frozen veggies, cans of pineapple, or potatoes as you walk from the pantry to the counter

    6) Add an overhead press with that watermelon

    7) Drop things. Pick them up, wash them, and continue as before.

    8) Wash dishes by hand.

    9) Use a mortar and pestle.

    10) Manual can opener. Really.

  5. I really enjoyed seeing all the PRs in the 5:15 class. You guys all used strategy and tried your hardest. The result was awesome sauce. Congrats.

  6. I had a great time teaching the 4:00 class today. We had several people set a baseline CF Total today. I worked out with the 6:30 class. I couldn’t buy a PR to save my life tonight! Although I did get a PR on my total since it’s been so long.
    BS: 190
    SP: 90
    DL: 235
    Total= 515

  7. ack squat – 225 lbs
    Shoulder press – 140 lbs
    Deadlift – 355 lbs
    720 total woopwoop!

    holy quad post! My phone was messing up

  8. Back Squat 285 (matched PR)
    Press 140 (5# PR)
    Deadlift 375 (10# PR)
    Total = 800 (40# PR)
    My goal was 800 so I was happy about that, but I wish I could improve on my BS , been at the same PR for 6 months.

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