8 thoughts on “Tuesday 17 May

  1. I’m so glad to finally be back!

    I did a modified version of yesterday’s 5min AMRAP (subbed Left Arm Push Press @ 1.5 pood). I ended up with 8 rounds + 2 reps.

  2. 135-155-165-175(1)-175-180(1)-180(1)(PR).
    Kudos to Scott who got his first muscle-up today. He only joined a few months ago. Way to go man.

  3. 135-155-165-175-185-200-215(1)PR

    Went head to head with Ryan at 6:30 and we both ended up PR’ing at 215.

  4. Thanks for the push. I would not have tried 215 the second time if you had not gotten it.

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