Wednesday 18 May

10 Minute Partner AMRAP

Power Snatch @ 95/65 lbs

12 Wall Ball Shots (male: 20 lb ball, 10′ target; female: 14 lb ball, 9′ target)

As one team member is completing the required 12 wall ball shots the other team member is accumulating as many reps as possible of Power Snatch. Team members will alternate through each station for ten minutes. The final score is total number of Power Snatches. This workout was conducted at the Coaches Prep Course at CrossFit Atlanta on May 7th.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday 18 May

  1. This morning I did back squat, 5×5, @ 205 lbs across.

    This evening I did the WOD with Ryan. We set our sights high, at besting Eric and Nate’s score of 135, but at the half way point it was obvious that was a pipe dream. We scored 105.

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