6 thoughts on “Thursday 19 May

  1. 10-10-15-20-25-30-35 the last four sets were with the weighted vest. Way to go Sarah M. for getting her first few kipping pull ups!!!!!

  2. Awesome 6:30 class today with Brandon, Dustin, and Ben. All made some excellent progress. Dustin was particularly proficient at the single leg deadlifts.

    At 5:30 I did this WOD and got 45-55-70-80-90-70-70

    Last two sets were with prone grip. 1RM here is 135, but I’m happy to have so much of my strength back so quickly. Body weight is up to 179 lbs again. Also got to play around with planches and single leg deadlifts. Turns out I suck at SLDL with my right leg. Gonna add those to the list of goats.

  3. It was nice to be back in the box tonight! I really enjoyed coaching the 5:15 class. Kudos to Sarah and Angelique for their work on pull-ups! Jordan matched her 1RM weighted pull-up for two reps! Good times!

    I did my own thing due to being out for a while.

    5 rounds for time
    400 m run
    20 pull-ups

  4. Went for a run today. Was nice to be out pounding the pavement. Went 3 miles at varied pace from 7:40 to 8:45. Just wanted to get the miles in.

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