11 thoughts on “Tuesday 24 May

  1. I did some strength work this morning:

    Shoulder Press



    Before anyone gives me hell about the barbell shrugs, shrugging is the one movement that’s still a little tender on my right side, so I wanted to drill it and make it stronger.

    1. You must have gotten this idea from our globo gym shrug convo yesterday.as greg h. would say, did you wear fingerless gloves and his sons medium t-shirt while shrugging?

    2. Didn’t mainsite program shrugs a few months ago? Plus, at 300# I don’t care if you’re pushing a baby stroller, that’s moving some weight!

  2. Really enjoyed getting back at it today.
    12:48/ 357

    I missed my last lift. Overall, happy with my progress on Snatch. Thanks for all the coaching Jeff!

  3. 5 rounds for time:
    Swim 25m
    25 pushups

    Josh and I had to estimate the distance on this one at an apt complex pool. We estimated the length of the pool to me a little over 20m. I did it in 11:21. It was really difficult to haul yourself out of the pool and get right to those push ups!

  4. Way to go find a pool, Sarah and Josh!

    My 5:15 class worked really hard today. I was impressed with Christina’s resolve to finish and never let her pushups turn into snaking, worming, or anything less than perfect.

    I did the WOD at 6:30 and scored 8:15 Rx’d. Rounds 4 and 5 were a mess.

  5. The 6:30 class all showed determination on the pushups after getting fatigued from the sprints. Kudos to Katie for finishing strong despite having dirt in her mouth!

    Following the class, I did a rowing version of the WOD.
    5 rounds:
    150m row
    25 pushups

  6. 15:30 Rx’d This workout was a lot tougher than it looks on paper, I tried really hard to keep my push ups legit and yes I ended up with grass and dirt all over my face and in my teeth (:

  7. 8:32 Rx’d

    Followed that with a mile run with justin and clint, 7:12 rx.

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