Wednesday 25 May

Meghan performs pushup

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
15 Chest to bar pull-ups
30 second Ring L-sit hold

Post rounds completed to comments.

Compare to 110212 at CFI.

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
– Theodore Roosevelt


11 thoughts on “Wednesday 25 May

  1. 4 rounds RX

    My shoulders are still talking to me from yesterday! Great job Kristen on your rope climbs! We miss you Michelle, hurry back!!!

  2. Awww… tomorrow will be the day! I’m sure of it. I feel so much better today now that 90% of the meds are out of my system. I miss the morning mojo for sure. No better way to start my day.

  3. Kritsten did awesome this morning getting half-way up the rope her very first time with rope climbs! Hope to see Michelle back soon.

  4. 6 rounds + 10 CTB.
    L-sits got pretty ugly but I tried to keep them as close to parallel as I could. The rings make it a lot harder.

  5. 5 rounds + 15 CTB pullups + 15 seconds L-sit

    L-sits were a mofo. I was happy to meet Alex I’s new standard of an L-sit rope climb with a 6 lb medicine ball.

  6. 5+1 with a mix of ring L-sits and ring tucks.

    followed by a mile run at 6:54.

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