13 thoughts on “Thursday 26 May

    1. I should add, 22:57 kinda-sorta rx’ed. 105 on the power cleans (had never done these in a WOD before), and still looking for my over-the-bar, so I did inverted hangs on the rings instead.

  1. What a welcome back WOD this morning. It was so great to be back. Heck I figure if the meds haven’t made me 100% surely crossfit will.
    Gold 21:37 🙂

  2. This morning was so much fun and one heck of a workout! Time was 21:02. I ran two of the rounds and the other two I had to do 400m rows due to shin splints (could not run with them any further). Welcome back Michelle!

  3. 18:05 mixture of silver and bronze…thank you Mandy for running that last 400m with me…if it weren’t for you pushing me I probably would have crawled the last one in!!! Thanks to Jeff and Emily for all your coaching and encouragement!!

  4. 15:19 Rx’d

    Wish I had pushed myself harder…I know I rested a little too much. Thanks Christina for keeping me motivated and Emily for giving me someone to chase!

  5. Made up Monday’s WOD.

    7 RFT:
    -35 DUs
    -Snatch (@65#)


    Failed snatch in the 4th round after a miserable run of double unders that round. Should have taken a few more seconds to breath and get my heart rate down before attempting the lift.

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