21 thoughts on “Tuesday 31 May

  1. Did strength/power work this morning:

    Power Clean
    205-210-215-220-225-230(x)-230(x) (25 lb off PR of 250)

    165-175-180-185-190 (3RM PR)

    1. Thats a solid 3 rep load based on what your 1 rep max is.

  2. Time was 20:12 and I learned a valuable lesson! I may think I need water halfway through the WOD but chugging 8oz of water in the middle of burpees is a guaranteed way to make myself throw up…Lesson learned 🙁

  3. 17 min time, not great but I feel it was a good first work-out ha, Thanks again to the awesome trainers!

  4. 21:10 Rx

    Enjoyed coaching Pam, Mike and Tim at lunch. Everyone worked crazy hard. Last time coaching till next year. It’s been a blast. I’ve learned so much from all of you guys and I hope you’re all still with us when I get back

    1. I second Jeff’s comment. You will certainly be missed. Keep in touch! Look forward to your return. Thank you for your service!

  5. Got to the last set of burpees and only got 3 of them, leaving 47 on the table before time ran out. Very humbling wod that quickly exposes my lack of consistency this past month due to other things going on. Feels good to be back at it again. Im going to be wrecked tomorrow!

  6. 27:52

    I think I almost cried. Thanks for counting the last twenty for me Alex, seemed to help when I didn’t have to count.

  7. 24:22
    40-5-30-10-20-20-10-30-5-40 Pull-up/Burpee rep scheme

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