Wednesday 1 June

Hightower pullup

Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Rob Orlando 295-315f-315-325f-325f-325f-325f lbs.

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 100108 at CFI.

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High Heels, Deadlifts, and Attitude – Oh My! Part II – Tony Gentilcore

Less than a week left to sign up for our new gymnastics clinic!

14 thoughts on “Wednesday 1 June

  1. I am sad I had to leave class early 🙁 Congrats on your PR Melissa and the 10 minutes I was there was awesome, haha.

  2. Hey guys, I haven’t posted on the CFI forum in awhile, but a friend sent me an article that I thought would be worthwhile to share. The article focuses on CrossFit and its impact on healthy living. The title of the article is “The Most Dangerous Man in American Healthcare” written by Dr. Darrell White. Here’s the link

  3. 215-225-230-235-240(PR)-245(f)-245(f)

    Thanks to the push from Ryan.

  4. Was really disappointed with my 1RM today. Although I got a 5# PR to 170#, it was from December and I had high expectations. I was so pissed I spent the rest of the time till the 630 class on hang power cleans to practice power and form. Maxxed out at 160#. Really happy with that. I had more but the sores on my hand were getting bad. I’m ready to tackle this again soon.

  5. I used the 11th general physical skill of mind reading to do 1×7 power clean yesterday. Topped out at 225 lb, 25 lb off my PR. Followed up with a new 3RM on overhead squat at 190 lbs, 15 lb off my 1RM.

    Today I did 1×7 split jerk. Topped out at 250 lbs, which equals my 1RM PR.

    Today marks my 10th week since ORIF surgery on my clavicle.

  6. Maxed out at 190 today. I did not have a previous power clean 1RM in my book but that matched my squat clean PR so I was pretty happy with it.

  7. I did the single leg deadlift/pistol complex from last week that Jeff programmed. I went Rx’d (45-lbs DB) for the complex and I used 155 on the reverse weighted lunges. Nice programming.

  8. 115-120-125-130-135(PR)-140(X)-140(X)

    Got under the bar for the second attempt at 140 but couldn’t keep my elbows forward enough to finish standing up. 5# PR nonetheless 🙂

  9. 95-100-105-110x-110x-110x-105x

    Disappointed I didn’t match or beat my previous 1RM of 110 from a few weeks ago (too much fun this weekend + pizza for lunch does not a PR make). Bumped the weight down to 100 to practice form until the end of class. I’m going to pick up Wendler 5/3/1 again so I can start chipping away at this weakness of mine.

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