Sunday 5 June

2011 CrossFit Games Regional Workout 6

For time:
Row 20 calories
30 Burpees
45 pound Two-arm dumbbell ground-to-overhead, 40 reps
50 Toes to bar
100 foot Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead
150 foot Sprint

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6 thoughts on “Sunday 5 June

  1. Messed around and missed the 3:00 so Christina and I did a partner WOD at home. Set up a bar with 135 lbs. She had to accumulate 100 deadlifts and I had to accumulate 100 shoulder to overhead. After that we had to collectively accumulate 100 jump squats. Work interval would be as long as it took the other partner to run to the stop sign at Hughes and back (~300-400m)

    Everything went great until my barbell broke after 67 deadlifts and 68 push press/jerks. Without many options, we finished the remaining 100 owed barbell movements with jump squats and then did the 100 jump squats on top of that. Ran a total of either 6 or 7 intervals. Total work time was 22:40.

  2. 18:12

    Row 20 calories
    25 Burpees
    35 @ 40lb dumbbell ground-to-overhead
    35 Toes to bar
    100 foot Walking lunge with 25lb plate held overhead
    150 foot Sprint

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