5 thoughts on “Sunday 3 July

  1. Partner WOD

    AMRAP 25 lb dumbbell swings while partner runs 100m with 12 lb medicine ball. Every minute on the minute stop and do 5 pushups. Count swings for score.

    127 (WOD was stopped after 6 minutes due to excessive heat outside)

    Muscle-up work, medicine ball power cleans and way too many push-jerks.

  2. This was such a fun class/group! I had so many laughs, finally got my 1st person (ever) out in burpee dodgeball (I only had to do 40 burpee’s), and PR’d (new 5X5 is 67lbs)! I am seriously addicted to CFI…

  3. 135-140-145-150-155×4

    Got some good tips from Eric today. Was a really fun class. Before class Christina PR’d by 10 pounds in shoulder press (80 to 90). That’s huge, congrats!

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