Wednesday 6 July

Billy grips the bar

Five rounds for form, not time:
1 L-rope climb w/ 10 lb medicine ball on feet
5 Parallette handstand push-ups, head to ground
10 One-legged overhead squats with 45/35 lb barbell

Begin rope climb seated on the ground. Alternate legs on one-legged squats. Take your time and work on mastering these challenging movements! As always, scaled movements will be available for all ability levels.

Forward Rolls” with Jeff Tucker and Jeannie Bassi  [wmv] [mov]


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 6 July

  1. Strength work this morning. Back squat triples and bench press 5s. Worked up to a new 3RM on back squat of 300 and a new 5RM on bench press of 230.

    Looking forward to our ridiculously difficult WOD this afternoon!

  2. Scaled immensly. All three if these movements are near immpossoble or me.
    1 Rope climb- no legs but not L.
    5 Regular HSPU
    10 45# OHS
    Didnt time myself or go fast. Also practised pistols to a mat.

  3. Fun working out with the 5:15 last night. A lot of extremely difficult movements.

  4. Yep, good strength/skill work. The OH pistols kicked my butt. Only made it to 35 lbs for a few reps on those. Was pleased with HSPUs and L-rope climbs. Made an ascent and descent with the 10 lb ball, but it could hardly be called a perfect L. Those were so damn hard.

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