22 thoughts on “Thursday 7 July

  1. What I like most about crossfit is the training I get each time I workout!!! Knowing I’m doing it correctly is important to me!! And the variety of workouts!!

  2. What a great morning at CFI. Good energy, new faces, awesomeness all around! 20:49 85# Thank you Jeff for helping me get more comfortable with the hang power cleans.

  3. I love these hero WOD’s! There is no better way to start your day than coming in and putting all the energy you have and everything you are capable of into a WOD to give back a little to the people who have given everything! 13:16 with 65# and definitely honed in on technique today. Thanks Jeff! The more hang power cleans I did the better the technique became!

  4. Was really happy with how technique improved throughout the WOD today. Sarah T. and Kristen both really improved their HPCs!

  5. Enjoyed the morning class! I feel like some of the technique is (slowly) clicking in my head. I’ll get the hang of this stuff eventually. Love the comraderie with the other crossfitters and the support from the trainers!

  6. Hey Crossfit Impulse. Have not posted in a while. Really miss everyone there.

    DT: 15:49 Rx. Almost a 5 min PR. No chalk at base gym so I wasn’t able to rep out the cleans very well. Had to break and dry my hands off frequently. Pleased with the results nonetheless.

  7. Thanks Eric C. for the advice after the WOD today: “If you’re standing and breathing, you could be lifting. Count down from 3 and get back on the bar.” I will try this out next time.

    15:22 @100 lbs.

  8. 14:48 (110#) PR by 17 min. Thanks to Emily for challenging me to go 110#!

  9. Did an at home WOD with my son.

    2 rounds for form:

    10 air squats
    20 jumping jacks
    10 sit ups
    2 burpees

    the stabbing feeling in my quads and triceps is finally starting to fade after this past weekend.

  10. I love the realization I have after a workout that I just accomplished something that I never thought I was capable of..that is after I get over the feeling of passing out! 17:58 65#

  11. Did this WOD at 6:30 PM after coaching the lunch, 4:00, and 5:15 I knew I was in for something good :). 16:08 with 85lbs. Thanks to everyone who pushed me on this and congrats to Katie for beating me by almost three minutes!

    1. Maybe we can make this up and do it again side by side 🙂

  12. 13:20 Rx’d. After burning through 3 rounds, I ran out of gas and really slowed down.

  13. 13:17 @115 – Thanks for yelling at me Christina during my last set. You probably cut 30 seconds off my time by preventing me from dropping the bar.

    1. Anytime Dan 🙂 You have really stepped up your game and it is showing! Great job today and yesterday!

  14. Jordan, remind me next time to not make that challenge. You did amazing! All I do is hurt this morning, and I’m bruised. 110# was a great challenge but ugh, you kicked my butt!!! Nice job.

  15. 13:55 @ 75# Had the most trouble with grip on this one. Never realized how much chalk helps. Did this with Hudson at the gym on base at Fort Leonard Wood! 🙂

  16. Great to hear from you Hudson! Glad to hear all is going well. Keep us updated on your training and your deployment. Great job Leah way to put up a killer time! Hope you are feeling better Jason G. and Luke awesome job on killing it in Dallas 🙂

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