Saturday 9 July

Tito weighted pullups

Partner WOD

AMRAP 10 minutes

Partner 1 performs Overhead Squats at 120 lb / 75 lb

Partner 2 rows for calories

Partners may partition work however desired and trade stations at any time. Each rep of OHS counts as a single point. Each calorie on the rower counts as two points. Most total points wins. Choose to compete at the Rx’d level or any of the scaled levels below.

Gold: 95 lb / 55 lb

Silver: 65 lb / 35 lb

Bronze: PVC-35 lb / PVC-21 lb

9 thoughts on “Saturday 9 July

  1. I really like the creativity you guys put into the WODs you program on your own. It is always a fun change. This was fun, yet brutal. I hate overhead squats!

  2. Lori and I combined forces on this one for a total of 201. I’m glad we went for the higher weight, it was worth it. I think my form stayed pretty solid despite the heavier load.

  3. Fun coaching the WOD today! Congrats to all the winners! After the WOD the staff stuck around and installed several improvements in equipment organization. I think you guys will like the easier access to bands, dip belts, and how jump ropes are sorted by size. The bathroom is also a little more organized and ergonomic now.

  4. did this one with Luke and got 217 rx’d. Awesome job to everyone at todays class and to Luke and our trainer athletes for helping me through it.

  5. loved todays workout, and my new crossfit sticker, haha! :)good job Tammy! and our helpers/encouragers! 🙂 i have been consistantly sore from all these workouts and expect to be in complete pain tomorrow from this!

  6. Thanks Renee, you too! It still amazes me that I can do any of this! Just got get my brain out of the way. Thanks Tyler and Luke for your encouragement and help. Thanks to Jeff too, for helping me with my form.

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