11 thoughts on “Monday 11 July

  1. 150-190 (PR)

    Tried an interesting strategy. First, I skipped over 155, since Tyler and I determined that 155 is not a good snatch weight. Went from 150 to 160 and all went well. Missed three times during the WOD. The first two times I responded by adding 5 lbs and then nailed the heavier weight. The last time was a PR attempt on the 14th rep at 190 lbs. Failed that and then hit it on the 15th rep.

    Just did heavy snatch yesterday and only got to 185 lbs (tie PR) with 2-3 min rest between sets. I think it’s going to be hard to snatch very heavy without doing it more than once every couple months. More reps seemed to groove the motion in my head.

  2. I subbed front squat. Score was 225/205.

    We had a large motivated class at 6:30. Several athletes got PRs in snatch. Jeff PR’d after doing 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 snatch yesterday! Tito made some significant improvements in his form. It was a good night at CFI!

  3. Did back squat today. 65lb – 155lb (5lb PR). Had a great time teaching the lunch and four o’clock. Great to see such great improvement on such a difficult movent!

  4. 125-130. Failed 135 twice before dropping back down. 130 was my previous PR. The squat snatch highlights my weakness in the bottom of the OHS position. I can get the weight over head just fine, just can not keep control of it at the bottom.

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