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  1. Two great mornings in a row at CrossFit Impulse! It was good to have Bennett (sp?), Holly’s husband, with us this morning. He doesn’t cut Holly any slack. 🙂 Jeff came in this morning to do some strength work on front squat. He set a new PR for himself at 285! That is a 25-lbs. jump from his previous. Strong work, brother! Glad I was there to see it.

  2. Thanks, man! I appreciate your help with trying to figure out how not to choke myself out. I will give that technique another try with sub-maximal loads on my next day of 5s or 3s.

    I did front squat this morning. Came in with the intent to destroy my old PR from almost a year ago. Worked up to 285, which was the slowest rep ever, but I got it. PR by 25 lb.

    I really enjoyed the kettlebell lateral snatch during the warmup. Whenever I find a new movement that I’m not very good at with a familiar tool like the kettlebell, it intrigues me. BTW, this afternoon I want to see some leap frogs with the partner standing perfectly vertical. I know we can make it happen!

    1. I am up for the vertical leap frog challenge. It is possible, I have done it before. I don’t want Hightower as my partner.

    2. Solid work. You are crushing all your Oly lift PR’s lately, keep it rolling.

    1. I miss you as well! I don’t seem to run as fast when your not around 😉

  3. 20:22 with 2 pood waiter carries and regular situps. Overhead carries are a strength of mine, so I wanted to go heavy. All carries on right arm without dropping, but left arm had to drop once at halfway point around the building on last 2 rounds. I did regular situps without ab mat due to my distaste for the hyper extension of thR GHD situps. Hard workout!

  4. 17:14 Rx’d

    Using counterweights for hip extensions today was a completely different animal than the GHD. I’m glad we did. This made the hip extensions literally about twice as difficult for me.

    Had a small but motivated 6:30 class. Luke S. really worked hard and fought the infamous slipping dumbbell through his last set of hip extensions!

  5. Had a great time teaching this one as well as doing it! Really interesting movements and I really liked the new hip extension movement. This was extremely difficult and challenging for me today. Thanks for all the support during the 5:15 class! Looking forward to repeating this one. I think I could really knock off some time after doing this one once. A lot of time was spent in the first two rounds getting comfortable with the new hip extensions. Overall, had a great day watching everyone try something new today!

  6. 21:27 first round was prescribed then on the last two rounds I went down to 35 pounds on my left arm, just didn’t have it in me today. Great job Amanda for killing it during the 4:00 class!!

  7. in the lunch class we learned the new hip extension movement using dumbbells clasped between the ankles. this was really difficult for me because i couldn’t get the ankle weights properly counterbalanced. moving my hips just a few inches forward (toward the front of box) would change the dumbbell # by 5 lbs. interestingly when watching the demo video, the guy on the video clasped the dumbbells between his thighs. i think this is probably a better approach because you could go heavier (it’s easier to clasp between thighs vs. ankles) and the counterbalance issue is probably mitigated. i’ll be trying that approach next time.

  8. 22 ish minutes (dog ate my note). I fell apart on this workout. For some reason it looked easier to me than it really was. 45lb dumbell for the walks. Subbed self anchored situps on the last set instead of GHD’s

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