14 thoughts on “Friday 15 July

  1. What a great morning class!! Holly and Kristen killed it this morning. Way to go ladies! This was really hard for me to gauge. Thanks for the coaching Emily!

    95-85-105-75-115 (125PR)-65

  2. You did an amazing job too Melissa!! Everyone really pushed through this one. I had to remind myself that not hitting a previous lift or pr isn’t a bad thing. Once I stepped back and looked at the total load lifted for the day, I’m a happy camper.

  3. Holly was such a big help this morning and offered me many tips and technique changes that have worked for her and that resulted in outstanding form and obtaining a heavier load. Everyone did really well today! 115-85-120-75-125-65; I found a weight that really tested my limits but still allowed be to finish all the sets unbroken even though I struggled through the 30. I looked back and noticed front squat 5X5 was one of my first WOD’s here at CFI. On May 3rd my front squat 5 rep max was 65lbs and today I proudly completed 30 at that same weight. These results are measurable and very much real. You just can’t get these results from a shake weight.

  4. For time:
    50 burpees
    75 flutter kicks (4 ct)
    100 push-ups
    150 sit-ups
    This was a tough workout. Chloe supplied an opportunity to work on my concentration during flutter kicks by alternating between sitting on my face, sticking her fingers in my nose, and pulling my hair. It’s hard to do flutter kicks when your laughing 🙂

  5. my lil rookie tale did:
    85-80-105-85-120(f):( -75
    Thanks to Christina for cheering me on during those last 20 at 75 sheesh! haha

  6. Great 4:00 class! Appreciated the help from Alex and Daniel. 185×1-135×10-195×1-115×20-200×1(X). Then a PR at 200!! ( from 185)

  7. 205×1 – 165×10 – 215×1 – 145X (failed at 12) – 235×1 – 95X (failed at 23)

    used a 16″ box to have a target for depth.

    Maintaining my “grip form” on the bar was as much a limiting factor as the squat itself. Used an orange towel on the set of 30 to raise the height on my shoulders.

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