11 thoughts on “Monday 18 July

  1. My goal this morning was all three rounds of OHS unbroken. Mission accomplished. Silver 5:55 65# single unders x 2.

    Hightower way to push through that last point of pain!!

  2. I was a little disappointed with my form and I was dragging my feet at 5:30 this morning so I came back after resting up a bit and gave this another shot at 5:15. Thanks Jeff and Daniel! Between two classes today and lots of practice, my form is excellent and up to par. 5:51 at 55lbs (going for form). I did sub 50 one leg single under’s (finally giving the stress fracture time to heal) and I accomplished 1 single leg double under, haha.

  3. Need to work on putting more weight on the bar!! Double unders?? I did 75 singles per round instead of du. Will I ever get more than 2 du???

  4. 9:04 w/ 75 lbs.

    Went slow with the OHS to work on form and because I bashed my knee on a rock yesterday. I was able to do the first two rounds of OHS unbroken, but the last round I broke it up into 5 and 5. It was not a double under kind of day.

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