Tuesday 19 July

Dan overhead squat


Seven rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
135 pound Back squat, 29 reps

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First Lieutenant Travis Manion, 26, of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, assigned to 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, California, was killed by sniper fire on April 29, 2007 while fighting against an enemy ambush in Anbar Province, Iraq. He is survived by his father, Colonel Tom Manion, mother Janet Manion, and sister Ryan Borek.

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  1. My first mission was with 1st Recon in February of 2006. I worked with them a lot during Feb and March of that year. I did a google search and found that Lt Manion was indeed on that deployment with 1st Recon that cycled back to the states in March 2006, before the deployment the following year where he died. I didn’t know him, but I’m sure he was a warrior like the other Marines of 1st Recon that I got to serve with, and he might have been right next to me and I just never patrolled with his platoon. Sobering when the hero WOD is more than just a name.

    I’ll never forget on that first mission we were patrolling an area known to harbor insurgents, and it was early in the morning. Capt Rose, the platoon commander I was attached to came over the radio while we’re rolling through this quaint village in Zaydan and said “Go ahead and drop a flash bang (pull the pin on a flash bang grenade and drop it out the window of the HMMWV). It’s time to start waking people up.” That was their MO: kick the hornet’s nest until the hornets come out, and then you can see the hornets. We’d essentially drive around until we got shot at, and then we had something useful to do. Good times.

    1. That is interesting information, Jeff. I bet you probably were in close proximity to Lt. Manion at some point and didn’t know it.

      It sounds a little risky kicking the hornet’s nest. You have to be confident that you can defend off the hornets. On the flip side, it sounds like an adrenaline rush.

    2. That helps explain why you’re so jumpy with the back hugs! 🙂

      On a serious note, it’s sobering to hear that detailed account. I greatly appreciate what you, the other marines I know personally, and the many I will never be able to meet have done for this country. It’s very humbling.

    1. That is awesome, Jeannette! Looking forward to having you train with us again. Now, we just have to get Victor’s shoulder fixed. 🙂

    2. Man cannot wait to have you back training with us! Looks like I am going to have to work a little hard these days to ensure I keep my 9 month advantage 🙂

  2. i substituted a WOD for a sprint tri on saturday, and saw two crossfitters greg hotaling and stephen gaffin during the race. the results just came out and greg WON the “clydesdale division” of the tri! his time was ~10 minutes off the overall winner. impressive brother!

  3. 27:58 and my lower back was fried by the end… 5rds @55lbs

  4. Looking good there Dan! Thought I’d be able to complete silver mod of this WOD, but it didn’t happen today. Ended up doing 4 rds, 1st rd with 55# BS, but only did a couple the 2nd rd. My lower back was toast, so I had to switch to shoulder/push press with 15# dumbells. Finished in 29:08. Thanks Christina for the quick thinking and encouragement!

    1. You did great today Tesha! I was really impressed with your running it has come a long way since we ran that first workout together! Keep up the great work!

  5. All I can say for this WOD is WOW! 5 rounds Rx’ed in 30:45. Legs were jelly, back hurt and felt sick. Rough!
    Then coached the 5:15 class and they rocked! Everyone really pushed hard and I had lots of fun motivating and yelling. Way to go everyone!

  6. Did a variation of t his workout before the 4 o’clock class. Trying to let my thumb heal completely. Did 7 rounds of 400m run and 29 weight squats with a 25lb plate on a belt. I used 12″ boxes to ensure full depth could be met. Time was 28:58. Thanks Sarah M. for helping in and out of the belt and cheering me on! Tom also helped me towards the end by ensuring I did not slow down. Thanks again guys that defiantly was a rough workout.

  7. Not very happy with my performance…first time to do back sqauts so only used a 35# bar..only completed 4 rounds 29:57..felt like my legs were going to fall off..then 5 mins after stopping I was kicking myself for not going for another round…

  8. Thanks Tesha!

    28:36 w/95lbs. 4 rounds. Running and squats are a pair of my many weaknesses, so of course I had to show up! Lower back was on fire throughout this workout.

  9. My 6:30 class really worked hard on this one. Eric, Ben, Matt, and Hightower all finished Rx’d!

    Ditto what Brittany said–hope you guys can walk tomorrow. I’m in the middle of a deload week, so I didn’t get to experience this one.

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