8 thoughts on “Friday 22 July

  1. Wow…This was humbling. I scaled this to 25lb reps on both and 10# wall ball and 31# squat snatch. I finished in 20:58. Great job morning crew!

  2. 3rd’s of 20 WB’s @ 10# & 20 SS’s @ 31#, finished in 19:19.

    I really enjoyed working out with the morning crew this AM!

    I’d like to answer the question that was posted several weeks ago about why I love Crossfit…

    I love Crossfit because every time I finish a WOD, I have more confidence than I did coming in that day. I still have a TON of progress to make, but I’ve seen how far I’ve come in a year. Each day I leave, I enter back into the world with my head held high knowing that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to. That is simply because there are so many days I’ve wanted to stop mid WOD and I’ve pushed through to the end. Thanks so much to CFI for being so encouraging and modivating!!!

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