10 thoughts on “Sunday 24 July

  1. Weighted box dips: 0-20-30 (24″ box) then 20-30-30-40-45 (x2) on 24″ with legs extended onto a bench. I failed the 3rd 45# dip when something went seriously wrong with the muscles in my chest. Two hours later things have not improved. If I don’t feel any better by tomorrow morning, I am going to seek the advice of a doctor.

    I think you guys have mentioned a local sports medicine doctor in the past, if you can recommend someone, please let me know. Thanks.

    1. I see Dr. Brian Cost at Total Sports Care. He understands athletes and genuinely cares.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation guys. Dr. Cost was not available until 15 August but I was able to get in with Dr. Garrard tomorrow morning.

  2. 45-70-90-115-135x-120-125-130 (PR)

    David’s speed and mobility drills for skill work were awesome! Looking forward to training those skills more often.

    Found that using the vest is much easier than weight suspended between your legs. I 90% blacked out during my failed attempt at 135. Had to rest on one knee for several seconds afterwards before standing up or speaking. I’m sure I left Brent thinking “WTF?”

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