17 thoughts on “Monday 25 July

  1. 5:48 for 5 rounds at 55#’s! This was actually a really fast fun WOD. Great programming.

  2. loved this workout! 😀 ..and for once i didnt feel like i needed to be carried out on a stretcher when it was over, LOL did 5:37 silver mod 36lbs
    oh and loved the freeze tag! next time im giving someone a right hook and taking their flag!

  3. This was great programming by David. Agility is a relatively ignored skill that is difficult to grade for a competition, but very useful in developing athleticism. My time was 4:08 Rx’d.

    Had a lot of fun coaching the 6:30 class. You guys brought the pain in freeze tag and the WOD!

  4. Thanks for the kind words on the programming! I enjoyed coaching the 5:15 crew on a new drill. You all worked hard on this one!

    I did the workout at 6:30. The lateral box shuffles definitely become more difficult after some fatigue sets in. You really have to focus mentally. They remind me of double-unders. However, I can zone on a little on double-unders, but I couldn’t do that with the shuffles. My time was 5:19.

  5. 5:49 Rx’d.

    Motivating myself to start doing SDHPs after getting winded on the shuffles proved to be difficult. This was a fun WOD though! I had issues talking for an hour afterward and had “Fran lung” for the rest of the evening.

    Then did week 3 of Wendler 5/3/1 deadlift and shoulder press. My back was a bit tight from the SDHPs, so I only got 1 rep @ 95% (155 lbs), but I was able to get 6 reps @ 95% (65 lbs) on the shoulder press.

    Then went swimming for about 45 minutes. I think I did around 20 laps, but I wasn’t really keeping track or trying to push myself too hard. Thanks Rosie for the tips! You’re a very graceful swimmer!

  6. After class I went to Dublin park and swam 600m freestyle. Then went to Southern States Gymnastics open gym. Practiced walking balance beam, handstand walks, and planches. Achieved a 15 ft handstand walk, walked the balance beam with eyes closed, and got an ugly planche for ~2 seconds.

    1. You should swim with us! Mondays after the 6:30 class until the pool closes at 8:30. Some of us are also planning to go this Thursday at 5:50pm; everyone is welcome to join in.

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