6 thoughts on “Saturday 6 August

  1. Great way to start a Saturday morning off. What a workout, hard, but glad I stuck with it. Thanks everyone for cheering me on at the end!! 33:16 #60 RX

  2. I think all the athletes who attend CFI showed up today, well except for the guy who programmed the WOD. Good job by all who muscled through this one. 29.17 @50×80#

  3. Unfortunately the guy that programed the wod is basically homeless until he finishes remodeling his unlivable house. All free time on weekends and afternoons and money is going toward that right now. Looking forward to get back consistent again once other priorities are finished up. Hope you all enjoyed the wod!

  4. Did this at another gym cause I had the kids. Gave myself a 30 min cap, completed 68 reps @ 75# and I dont think my legs have stopped shaking yet.

  5. Did 100 reverse lunges with the 50lb vest and then 50 regular lunges with the 50lb vest. Time was 17:50. My butt is killing me 🙂

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