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  1. Not going to be a viking anytime soon ;)…. Cramped up on the 2nd round. Afterwards talk to Daniel about it and he thinks it may be a misalignment issue. I tend to carry Sutton on my left side and thats where I cramp up. Hopefully, I can try to switch it up and it will get better. At least I was able to work through the pain and finish (unlike Jackie). Thank you guys for the support!! Michelle, Sarah and Tesha are viking ROCK STARS!!!

    1:57 (PR) -3:17- 2:13- 2:17

  2. Last time we did this WOD was my birthday (what a way to get the day started lol). Fastest time on 9/18 was 1:59.2. Today’s fastest time was 1:51.7. I’ll take that 🙂

    Overall, 1:51.7-2:20.1-2:17.9-2:12.5.

    Everyone rocked the house the morning!

  3. Started with damper setting of 4 then dropped to a 3 on the last round because my legs were feablized. Round 3 was mentally challenging. Not too happy with that round’s time.

  4. Thanks CFI, for helping me discover the athlete within. I feel like I crushed this workout today.

    Round 1: 1:34.0 (PR by 1.1 sec.)
    Round 2: 1:45.3
    Round 3: 1:45.2
    Round 4: 1:44.8

    Total Time: 6:49.3

    Tons of fun, thanks for the push on the last round, everyone.

  5. Did this one with the 5:15 class. My splits were as follows:
    1:32.6 (PR) – 1:41.4 – 1:49.1 – 1:46.8

    Lots of hard work at 6:30! Jeff cranked out a PR at 1:26.9 (I think)! Brittany hung tough through the pain! Shawn pulled some solid splits! I can’t think of anyone who didn’t put worth a great effort tonight!

  6. 155.7, 207.7, 209.6, 209.0 good job 5:15 class!
    Lori said that taller athletes have the advantage,…so next time im wearing my high heels 😉

  7. Everyone at 5:15 gave it hell! I was really proud of Beaver’s 1:28.2 split. I don’t care how tall you are, a sub 1:30 500m row doesn’t come without a lot of effort. Congrats, man. I saw on the leaderboard that Mitch rowed 1:24.5 (I think). Absolutely smokin!

    I hate this WOD so much. The pain in my quads after the second interval was some of the worst in recent history. Breaking my clavicle hurt worse. That’s about the only thing in the past year that tops it. I couldn’t get comfortable after the 2nd interval. Sitting, walking, standing, stretching–nothing helped. The first 100m of the next interval actually made my legs feel better, but at 300m that quickly turned to pain again. My splits were
    1:26.9 (PR by 2.5s)- 1:39ish- 1:52ish- 1:42ish

    After the nutrition class (where everyone’s body composition progress was absolutely stellar!) I went to open gym at Southern States. Achieved a 25ft handstand walk. Continued to work on flag poles. Did a few MUs, and then did a muscle up ring handstand pushup. I have done it once before, but last time I injured myself in the process. This time went much better.

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