3 thoughts on “Sunday 7 August

  1. Enjoyed working with wild man Godwin today. Worked up to 255×3 on bench press and 165×3 on hang power snatch. Actually left the gym with PRs but feeling good, like I had more in me. Was a nice change.

    Enjoyed Brent’s class. The PNF stretching for the neck and chest after class was a great addition.

  2. Hahaha enjoyed working with cyborg Barnett today.
    Bench Press 5×3: 215-225-235-245-255
    Hanging Power Snatch 5×3: 125-135-145(2)-145(1)-140
    1 rep PR on HPS by 30lbs.

  3. I did a workout prior to the 3:00 class today. It was a workout from CrossFit Gymnastics.

    10 Rounds of:
    Handstand walk, 10ft
    5 Dead hang pullups
    1 Bar muscle-up

    This one wasn’t for time. I was doing it for form and completion. After, I decided to try some Tabata intervals with the heavy bag. I now have more respect for boxers fitness.

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