10 thoughts on “Tuesday 9 August

  1. Totally agree with Melissa on this one!

    65-75-80-85-90(old 1rm). 2-95# afterward-Thanks Christina!

    Everyone really did well this morning, great MOJO.

  2. Made some time for the fastest deadlift strength work of life today at lunch.
    350-370-390-410-430 (3RM PR by 5)

    My method of planning a 5 lb PR and working backwards from there is still working. Hoping I can keep it up for a while. Will tackle OHS this evening.

  3. Saw PRs all over the place at 6:30. Brittany took her 1RM, added 10 lbs, and repped it three times. Everybody else did strong work too. Was also impressed with how everyone planned their work sets. Ben kept trying and finally got 185×3. Congrats man.

    At 5:15 I worked with Jason and Scott. Saw Jason hold on for a legit 3rd rep like no other I’ve seen before. 99/100 athletes in any CrossFit box in the world would have quit on that one, but he didn’t.
    170-180-190-200 (3RM PR)-205×1 (technique error)-207×2

    Tried my method of adding just a little after a miss to change the feel, and was almost successful, but the third rep didn’t happen.

  4. 95-105(1x)-100-105-115(2x)
    Great working with Dan, great motivation…Just wish I would have made that last rep!
    But all sets are PR’s for me!

  5. 140-150-160-175-180(PR)
    Awesome working with Jeff and Scott (HV at work) tonight. 185 was my 1 rep max before tonight, so I’m super stoked with 180×3. Really had to fight on that last rep of the last set. Man that was intense. Really enjoyed working with Jeff the past couple of strength WODs. I’ve never been around anyone that can motivate people to rake their guts like he can. He is definitely a leader of men.

  6. 95-105-115-120-125(PR)

    Previous 1RM was 115# so I was really happy with 3RM at 125#. I was only going for a 1RM but after the first rep, decided to attempt another two. The limitation at this point is being able to get the barbell overhead. Everyone at the 6:30 class did awesome…had a great time working out! 🙂

    1. FWIW, your behind the neck jerk with 125 lb didn’t look anywhere near your limit of overhead ability. I’m sure it didn’t feel as easy as it looked.

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