Wednesday 10 August

Melissa smiles before she a rattlesnake. Hiss.

Skill Work: Ring handstand pushups


AMRAP 15 minutes

3 Strict chest to bar pullups

6 Kettlebell snatches @ 2 pd/1.5 pd

9 Box jumps @ 28″/24″

Skill work on ring handstand pushups will be performed off the clock, with a spotter. No kipping on strict chest to bar pullups. If trainer calls “foul” for kipping, then the rep doesn’t count and you owe 3 burpees, payable immediately upon offense. Kettlebell snatches may be done with either arm, and you may alternate arms as desired.

From the CFI Resources section:

Breath Control and Weight Lifting Belts

A Year of Learning

9 thoughts on “Wednesday 10 August

  1. This is tough… Great job everyone on the HSPU skill work!

    Goldish: 7 rounds+2….. Mix strict CTB pull -ups with regular , 1 pood KB snatches, 24 inch box jumps.

  2. Woot!! 9 reps of 2 abmat pushups made me a happy girl this morning, along with Kristen, Monna and Pam. It was a good day to go to the wall.

    Mix on the WOD: blue band pull-ups, mix of 1pd & 3/4 pd on snatches and 24″ box jumps. 7 rds, 1 rep.

  3. Great time with the morning crew! After they woke up from sleep walking, things were good. Kudos to Michelle, Kristen, Monna, and Pam for their progress on HSPUs! Hightower successfully completed his first ring HSPU this morning. Sarah L. was killing the box jumps during the workout! Everyone worked hard this morning. Great way to start the day.

  4. This WOD was tough. The snatches and pullups went by so fast and then your were right back at box jumps. I love the programming on this! I loved starting the day with HSPUs! Everyone has made so much progress!
    10 rounds plus 16. I did 24″ box jumps, scaled the pullups, and started with 1pd KB swings and had to go down to 3/4 to maintain form!

  5. It was good to be back today after about a 3 week haitus…Jeff your prescribed workout is insane!! I did silver with assisted pullups, 1/2 pood and 20″ box jumps 10 rounds plus 9….tough one after about eating and drinking myself to death on vacation!! And i may not be able to do a handstand pushup but i can certainly do a sommersault off of a box…thanks emily for keeping the box off my head!!!!

  6. 9 rnds with 2 red bands for my strict chest to bar pullups, 1 pood KB for the snatches with a mixture of both arms (mostly right), and 24″ BJs.

  7. Lot of strong work at 5:15 today. Joe almost got his first muscle up–very close. Was great seeing so many men and women swing the heavier kettlebell 1-armed. It’s an experience like no other, and many of you tackled it with confidence.

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