13 thoughts on “Thursday 11 August

  1. Awesome morning class today. Everyone worked hard, but Ben really set the bar high by finishing 5 rounds! Kristen went unbroken on her deadlift as well. Very impressed with everyone’s performance!

    I did the WOD after class. I did heavy deadlift triples on Tuesday, so I subbed back squat. Used 70% of my 1RM.

    4 rounds + 400m +1 rep @ 230 lbs

    Came in the door from the last 400m interval with 8 seconds and grabbed the bar for 1 quick squat. If I had just shaved 4 seconds off each 400m split then I would have made my goal of completing 5 rounds. Learn from my mistake guys. Those 400m intervals are the big time sink. Push each one just a little harder than you think you should.

  2. 4 rounds plus 100 meters and deadlifts were at 145#s… great job morning crew!

  3. 5 rds plus 225 meters (105lb)
    its funny how in these “4 or 5 rounds’ of whatever, the 2nd round seems to always hurt the worst…
    nice workouot, fun little obstacle warm up too, Christina 😉

  4. 5 rnds + 300m @ 225# (75% of 1RM). HUGE improvement over November’s WOD (4 rnds @ 205#)!

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