18 thoughts on “Friday 12 August

  1. 38:00 rx – Thanks for supporting me to the finish, Michelle and Melissa. 185# is heavy, thanks for the pre-WOD pep talk, David. I’d have probably cheated myself and gone with a lower weight.

  2. “Persevere: to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.”

    26:12 at 85# front squats and 26 KB pushups. I am pretty sure I went through about 20 “no reps” in that last round. Thanks guys for really pushing me through those last 5 pushups. It took me awhile but I got them 🙂

  3. Another great morning class. Gean challenged himself and won this morning by going Rx’d! Kristen showed her determination to finish the pushups despite the difficulty! Sarah L. knocked out ring pushups like a champ! I think she can do them better than me. 🙂

    Thanks to Michelle for making my day!

  4. Gean is a ROCK STAR!! I was chasing after Sarah on this one…she can knock out some ring pushups :D. Way to fight through those pushups Michelle and Kristen!!!

    Gold: 8 rounds of 105lb FS/18 ring pushups
    Time: 14:25

  5. Today I made two mistakes, settling for bronze when I probably could have done Silver; at least in reps, not weight. I did however, PR with 55 pound front squats with actual legit squats! My second was telling Christina I could probably gone another round. Next thing I knew there was a 800m run in my immediate future. Christina and Zan ran it with me for moral support and helped me push through my first 800m in 6:32! Thanks Ladies. It was a good day at CFI today!

    1. Tami, you did great today! You really made some improvements on those wall ball shots! Cannot wait for your next 800 M run 🙂

  6. Christina set up a nasty little WOD for me today if anyone wants to try it beware! Gator with a 400m Run! I needed to work on my runs and run I did! My WOD was 5 Front Squats 85#; Run 400m; 13 Ring PU! Took me 37:35 to complete 7 rounds! Nasty! Tried for 8 rounds but missed the 35 min cutoff!

    1. Holly way to push through! You did amazing! Yeah you also did that work out at lunch — it was a hot one 🙂 Way to push through to the end! I would be more than happy to program your run days for you 🙂

  7. GATOR – RIP
    legit beatdown
    Great coaching on clean thanks

    22:45 rx’d

    1. Josh, you did great today! Your power clean changed 180 degrees once you started to use that hip! You put a lot of heart in this one and it showed!

  8. Finished all FS unbroken rx’d. 7 rounds and 25 reps at 32′ then failed to get the last 6 ring pushups. Called it quits at 39′.


  9. First 6 rounds I did 85# FS then Jeff started adding weight. Did 95# for round 7 and 105# for round 8. I did ring push ups 18 reps all 8 rounds. Time was 33:40. The Stinsons rocked the 6:30 class solo tonight!

    1. If you hadn’t have been crushing 85 lbs so badly I wouldn’t have had to add weight. 😉

      I got 24:59 Rx’d. My last 3 pushups had pretty terrible form in order to make it in under 25 minutes. However, I’m pretty satisfied with my technique on the remaining 205 of them, so I’ll take it.

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