Wednesday 17 August

Morning Sky for a 5KBradley

10 rounds for time of:

Sprint 100 meters
10 Pull-ups
Sprint 100 meters
10 Burpees
Rest 30 seconds

Kristan Clever 19:36, Rebecca Voigt 21:31. Post time to comments.


U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Bradley R. Smith, 24, of Troy, Illinois, assigned to the 10th Air Support Operations Squadron, based in Fort Riley, Kansas, was killed on January 3, 2010, by an improvised explosive device in Zhari district, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Tiffany, daughter Chloe, parents Gary and Paula, and brother Ryan.

19 thoughts on “Wednesday 17 August

  1. it is going to be hard to get a 100M sprint to start and finish around the pull-up cage with how our box is situated on its lot. I would be nice to get a pull-up cage outdoors for this one.

  2. Thank you again Jeff for allowing me to instruct class this morning and thank you to the morning crew for your patience! You guys did awesome! Jeff and I decided to put a 40 min time cap on the WOD and you guys finished way before the cap! You guys rock!

    1. You bring a lot of unique experience and motivation to your training. Nice job.

  3. Daniel you will be so busy trying to breathe you won’t care where the pull-up cage is. 😉

    34:33 that is all. Holly you did a great job this morning! Fowler absolutely kicked ass this morning.

  4. I told Michelle this morning….I don’t know where this came from. I surprised myself during this WOD! Thanks for the push Holly and Jeff!

    23:** ( I think it was :15 or :55) I can’t remember….My heart was beating in my head :D.

  5. Great class Holly! You were a great coach and motivator this morning. I did ring rows instead of pullups to give my hands a little time to heal. Finished in 25:20. Great job Michelle and Fowler…. Melissa, you were so fast at everything!

  6. Great workout! 31:20 Rx’D. Awesome job 630 class:-) Now Melissa I think you need to start coming to the evening classes so we can compete with you. Great job!

  7. 26:40 Rx’d but I ran an extra 100m sprint each round by accident. I’m easily confused. Now I know how to make a Hero WOD that much worse. That’s OK though, I need the endurance conditioning.

  8. Did the 5k on a treadmill today. Finished in 50:50. Run/jog was punctuated with a little walking, but jogged most of it. Just glad that I finished, especially since I prefer running outside to the treadmill. Looking forward to coming back next week 🙂

  9. 35:41 Rx. First time to finish a workout without a band assist for pull ups. Yay! Thanks for the reminder to ‘stay positive,’ Christina. I needed it right then!

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