Friday 19 August

Bill Running


For time:
30 – Snatches (m135 / f95)

Use 95 pounds, 65 pounds, PVC, ect. as needed.

Rebecca Voigt 3:33 (95lbs), Kristan Clever 7:41 (135lbs).

Post time and load to comments.

Attention:  There will be no 6:30 PM class today due to our Fundamentals session going on this weekend.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

12 thoughts on “Friday 19 August

  1. Great morning and lunch class. I did this before the lunch class– 4:40 Rx’ed. Really surprised myself cause I’ve only snatched 95# one other time before.

  2. way to go, Emily! and thanks for helping me get my snatch down. after 30 snatches, i have much more confidence in my ability to perform the movement,…and actually kinda like it.

  3. 5:01 Rx’d
    This one felt surprisingly good. I was shooting for somewhere around 7 minutes so I’m pretty stoked. Still struggling with bending my elbows a little early when it gets heavy though. I’ll get there.

    1. Whoa, that’s pretty serious man. Congrats. I remember you hang power snatching 145 for triple a couple weeks ago, so power snatching 135×30 in that time is pretty damn impressive.

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