7 thoughts on “Saturday 20 August

  1. I really love the wall and have wished we had one for a while. I probably won’t love the wall after my first work out with it though (:

  2. The square in high numbers was more difficult than I remember. I enjoyed the muscle ip transition substitute. Much better than CTB and ring dip substitution. Stayed to do a little skill work, ring inversions for for, butterfly pull-ups for gaining proficiency, and jumprope for cardio. I had a lot of help trying to get double unders going, not there yet but someday.
    Looked like a good fundamentals crowd, I’m sure I’ll get to meet them all on the burpee dodgeball battlefield soon.

  3. Did WOD for AJ at CF Huntsville. 43 pull ups, 16 pistols, 45 box jumps, and 50 kettle bell swings for a grand total of 154 reps. Great job to all the CF Impulse members who showed up to show their support. Had a great time!

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