Monday 22 August

Fundamentals 21 Aug



Fundamentals 21 Aug

AMRAP 10 minutes.

Deadlift Ladder* 275/175 lbs

Burpee broad jump 30 feet

Bear crawl 30 feet.

*For the Deadlift ladder, perform one more deadlift than on previous round. Example; 1 Deadlift, burpee broad jump 30 feet, bear crawl 30 feet, 2 deadlifts, burpee broad jump 30 feet, bear crawl 30 feet, 3 deadlifts, etc. Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.



13 thoughts on “Monday 22 August

  1. Congrats to our new athletes that completed Fundamentals this weekend! It was a good time.

    Thanks to all of our trainers, Jordan, Emily, Daniel, and Brent, for helping out!

  2. Fundamentals was fantastic. Thanks to all who facilitated (including the participants).

    Looking forward to seeing the 05:30 crew tomorrow.

  3. My 5:15 class rocked it tonight. Was really impressed with Matt working his ass off back in the corner. Not concerned about racing anyone next to him–just working hard for the sake of working hard.

    I enjoyed working out with 6:30 tonight. I set my goal to stay ahead of Stinsonator, and I barely made it! 😉 10 rounds + 2 reps, RX

  4. This one looked like fun, but too rough for my legs and hand from the punishment I put myself through on Saturday! I liked the warmup with the sandbags. Did Wendler week 1 of deadlift and week 2 of shoulder press.

  5. 7 rounds + 2 deadlifts Rx’d

    I am still recovering from the WOD for AJ at CFHSV. I worked through this on at more steady pace and took it easy on the deadlifts.

    I am a good time coaching the 6:30 class! Kudos to Katie for having the highest Rx’d female score for the day! Jeff and Eric both worked hard on this one as well!

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